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The stress of freakin’ out!

Anxiety, it is scary but it shouldn’t stop your life. Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.

Do you ever have those moments where the room begins to close in on you and you feel like everyone eyes are piercing through you; you feel like you stripped naked of any protection and left for others to tear away at you? Have you ever just freaked out? The panic smoothers you and steals all the air from your lungs. Your mind is racing and you lose control of your body. And you begin to panic.

Well don’t worry it’s normal. I honestly didn’t realise how common panic attacks were until one of my closest friends began experiencing them, and trust me they truly are scary, not only for me watching them but for the person battling them. One second my friend will be perfectly normal and the next she’ll be uncontrollably crying, makeup smeared all along her face and her hands trembling like she is attempting to shake it all off.

Then i began reading books i recieved for Christmas including ‘Where she went’ by Gayle Forman, and noticed that the boy also had panic attacks which is a lot like what happened to the main character the ‘Perks of being a Wallflower’, which I recommend you watch the movie. It gave me an insight on what it’s like when personally experiencing these panic attacks, the dizziness and the nausea. I understood that it isn’t something that you can just stop and tell to go away. It takes strength and determination to finally be the boss of your panic.

And again while in form (which is basically a class at 12 o’clock where all students from all years are put together to socialise) i was talking to a girl who said she also had to battle against panic attacks regularly, information that i never knew before. That’s when i realised they are more common than i thought. Originally when my friend first began having the attacks i thought she was just trying to gain attention, which probably sounds quite harsh, but then i began thinking; why would she want to be seen vigorously crying in the centre of the corridor, stared at and have to be escorted away by the school nurse, its just not the kind of attention you would want.

I asked how these panic attacks had began and she said it was due to the death of her nan just before Christmas which triggered it, which is understandable. But she is still having these attacks several weeks afterwards, which she claims is due to pre exam stress, which i can totally relate too. As the panic attacks began to come in the middle of mock exams and lessons she doesn’t like, all my friends began to think she was putting it on. Pretending. Unfortunately now she has lost some of her friends, which is not fair considering her condition is completely uncontrollable.

Being an incredibly laid back person, i didn’t really understand why you would worry about so many things that could never affect you, but if you are a person who worries a lot it is something that you have no control over; your mind just races and the next thing you know your bright red feeling like the room is closing in on you. Therefore, i thought considering i have successfully been able to glide through life, i decided to share my advice with her, which i am now going to share with you.

  • It is completely natural to get stressed, its better to be stressed then too laid back, so breath, concentrate on one thought and renew your state of mind. Think about something completely off topic, like how you do when you just watched a horror movie and are in bed in a dark room and think you are about to have the same fate as the main character in the movie. Try to think of every thought other than that horror movie to get to sleep. It’s the same. try to think of everything other then when you stress about.
  • A breath of fresh air always helps
  • Prepare not to panic- thats easier said than done, but if you know you’re about to panic remove yourself from the situation.
  • If you have fallen out with friends over the panic attack, try your best to never have a panic attack in front of them again. Stick it to them and show that you don’t need to rely on them for support, your fine on your own. Look at the bright side, during this period of your life you will be able to clearly recognize who your real friends are and who are just pretending. So i guess every cloud has a silver lining.

I have a video that makes me laugh every time, so if you feel the stress and anxiety building up inside of you, think of this video and remember my advice! When you have a panic attack you want your own space and people to get out your face, just like this guy! Hope you enjoy 🙂 and I hope one day you will be able to finally overcome the panic and get the better of you anxiety! Best of luck♥


Going from the boy next door to every girls crush.

Boy to a Man

Looks aren’t everything however they do affect a lot of things, especially when you’re a teenage boy battling through senior school. If you’re looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend it can be difficult to get people to notice you, impossible to get people to like you, particularly if you’re not someone who is none to being the high school heart throb.

I am about to write a blog based on my opinions and what i prefer- so in some cases i might be just giving my opinion not fact. However i do live with two teenager brothers, so i do have some kind of knowledge about what really turns the lads from being an ordinary joe blogs to prince charming; the boy that every girl will want to be seen with, the boy that every girl wants to be with, the boy that every girl wants!

Grooming. Firstly i need to clearly state this: nice hair is the absolute bomb. I apologise for the way i wrote that sentence however i felt it was the most powerful way to get my point across. Lads, don’t be afraid to be groom your hair, i mean don’t go Joey Essex on it, just comb it and give it a bit a style once in a while. A windswept style will melt every girl’s heart, even if you lack in everything else, nice hair makes any body irresistible in a girls eyes.You can never wear your hair greasy, it just doesn’t make you as approachable and makes you seem unclean. i should know about boys’ hair. There is this one guy in the year above my who is renown for his hair; all you have to say to somebody is ‘quiff’ and everyone will instantly know who your on about. His hair is amazing.

My next point many might find old fashioned but i believe it can turn any guy from a 0 to a 10. Manners are essential. I’m not on about using your p’s and q’s every time you interact with anyone, however that would be nice, i just mean hold a door open every once in a while, never ever burp and ask questions about others. This is the one factor i find irresistible and mature. Because at the end of the day, no one will want to go out with a person who acts their shoe size more than their age. They like mature, strong headed men that aren’t treated as a joke or doormat. By acting mature while in high school you seem so much more attractive as you seem like the higher side of the school.

Also this is less important but can have an affect on how others see you. Ankle bashers! Under no circumstances wear white socks unders your school trousers or any sort of trousers. it looks like you need to go back to year 1, it is more noticeable than you think.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people whether that physically or through text. we all know its easier to text but make sure you try to speak to the person. I not one known for popping up to people but i do often talk face to face with people that i dont usually talk to. An awkward moment was when a girl massaged my brother on facebook saying ‘hi, how are you?’, this was a girl at the time my brother didn’t like. so instead of telling the girl hew dint like her he decided to freak here out. he replied ‘ not very good, i’m really tired because every time i got to bed i cry myself to sleep rolling around in pictures of jeremy kyle, ( if you don’t know who he is a suggest you google him). she never messaged him again. i don’t recommend you do it like that i just think you should let the girl down gently.

When you do talk to someone make sure you use just to right amount of eye contact, especially if you have amazing eyes. i love it when your in a conversation with someone with really nice eyes and they make eye contact! Its one of those moments when everything freezes, cheesy i know!

I also suggest that when you swear (if you actually do) you do it moderately. I know swearing is quite common during high school which is fine, however when you do swear don’t every swear unnecessarly or when talking about someone! it makes you seem scary, irresponsible and immature.

If you are planning on flashing the top of your boxers that go around your hip, make sure there nice ones, not ones that your mom brought for you when you were eleven.

If your going to grow a beard do it it can look really nice on some boys and will make you seem mature however don’t leave a little goatee on the end of your chin, either grow one or don’t.

Use a nice aftershave– a boy that smells nice are the best. Soon people we be able to recognise you just by the scent you use.

Shower every day and make sure you have nice clear skin. I know spots are something you can not control but just put effort in to make the most of a bad situation. Having skin that is cared for is noticeable so invest some time into clearing up your skin. Acne is kind of off putting when you are trying a find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

And the most important factor that can make you attractive and mature is to treat people correctly.

I hope this has helped!!

boy 2

I am a self made person. Yes, God doesn’t make this kind of mistake.

The stress of making mistakes!

Maturing and gaining an independent mind and not being governed by your views and opinions of your parents, often causing painful friction. Do this only happen to me?

I am a self made person. Yes, God doesn’t make this kind of mistake:-

Fact but proud. It is an evitably not to make one mistake in our lifetime and every individual person has their perfect imperfections. Anyone who never makes mistakes and always wants to be seen as perfect in everyone’s eyes are often incredibly dull people, to try and put that as nicely as possible! And without mistakes you will never learn, as my mom always reminds me. When people mess up and become vulnerable this allows others to see their true personality and allows them to fully understand someones character. 

Is having an independent mind okay, even if you don’t agree with the people you love??

However i have a mistake about myself that bothers me more than most, yet fortunately it is easily changeable and won’t affect who i am as a person. Honestly, this personal fault often causes many exasperating arguments between me and other close family members, and my imperfection is so stupid it haunts me everyday: i finally have my own mind. I’m currently at a stage where i can identify the mistakes of my parents which i originally didn’t notice; their opinions I supported are no-longer what I believe and i now do not agree. Its like a curtain has opened and revealed the world through my own eyes and I’m gradually becoming more independently minded,  than just believing every word that comes from my parents mouths. I support my opinion and they stay loyal to theirs and this can often cause painful conflicts that eventually could break the bonds between us, and this is what truly scared my the most. 

Unfortunately the disadvantage of speaking my own mind, confronting my parents and maturing from a vulnerable child into a young citizen is that my newly opinionated mind wants to be heard, which is often the trigger to the family arguments; which threatens our close relationship. Would anyone want to threaten the relationship of a close family member?

I also believe that school partially doesn’t help, as they only feed the fire of my knowledge which makes me believe i have the correct answer for everything, which sometimes is a very awkward situation when i’m proven wrong. Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you realised you statement for an argument is completely wrong and you have to try and hastily put an end to the conflict before anyone else realises?

I love my family and I don’t want to fall out with them. I am very well behaved for my parents and generally agree with everything they say, until now. So basically now what i’m desperately trying to achieve by the end of this month is to bite my tongue, (no matter how hard it may be) and learn that my answer is not always the best and not always right. i generally don’t argue with people outside of my family, only people in and i  guess this is because i feel most confident and at home with them; and this is mainly the reason why i need to learn to agree with my family members, in order not to hurt our relationship and learn that people are allowed to have unique opinions and speak their minds and no one can take that away from them.

Is it just me who can get into arguments over the silliest little things????

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