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Going from the boy next door to every girls crush.

Boy to a Man

Looks aren’t everything however they do affect a lot of things, especially when you’re a teenage boy battling through senior school. If you’re looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend it can be difficult to get people to notice you, impossible to get people to like you, particularly if you’re not someone who is none to being the high school heart throb.

I am about to write a blog based on my opinions and what i prefer- so in some cases i might be just giving my opinion not fact. However i do live with two teenager brothers, so i do have some kind of knowledge about what really turns the lads from being an ordinary joe blogs to prince charming; the boy that every girl will want to be seen with, the boy that every girl wants to be with, the boy that every girl wants!

Grooming. Firstly i need to clearly state this: nice hair is the absolute bomb. I apologise for the way i wrote that sentence however i felt it was the most powerful way to get my point across. Lads, don’t be afraid to be groom your hair, i mean don’t go Joey Essex on it, just comb it and give it a bit a style once in a while. A windswept style will melt every girl’s heart, even if you lack in everything else, nice hair makes any body irresistible in a girls eyes.You can never wear your hair greasy, it just doesn’t make you as approachable and makes you seem unclean. i should know about boys’ hair. There is this one guy in the year above my who is renown for his hair; all you have to say to somebody is ‘quiff’ and everyone will instantly know who your on about. His hair is amazing.

My next point many might find old fashioned but i believe it can turn any guy from a 0 to a 10. Manners are essential. I’m not on about using your p’s and q’s every time you interact with anyone, however that would be nice, i just mean hold a door open every once in a while, never ever burp and ask questions about others. This is the one factor i find irresistible and mature. Because at the end of the day, no one will want to go out with a person who acts their shoe size more than their age. They like mature, strong headed men that aren’t treated as a joke or doormat. By acting mature while in high school you seem so much more attractive as you seem like the higher side of the school.

Also this is less important but can have an affect on how others see you. Ankle bashers! Under no circumstances wear white socks unders your school trousers or any sort of trousers. it looks like you need to go back to year 1, it is more noticeable than you think.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people whether that physically or through text. we all know its easier to text but make sure you try to speak to the person. I not one known for popping up to people but i do often talk face to face with people that i dont usually talk to. An awkward moment was when a girl massaged my brother on facebook saying ‘hi, how are you?’, this was a girl at the time my brother didn’t like. so instead of telling the girl hew dint like her he decided to freak here out. he replied ‘ not very good, i’m really tired because every time i got to bed i cry myself to sleep rolling around in pictures of jeremy kyle, ( if you don’t know who he is a suggest you google him). she never messaged him again. i don’t recommend you do it like that i just think you should let the girl down gently.

When you do talk to someone make sure you use just to right amount of eye contact, especially if you have amazing eyes. i love it when your in a conversation with someone with really nice eyes and they make eye contact! Its one of those moments when everything freezes, cheesy i know!

I also suggest that when you swear (if you actually do) you do it moderately. I know swearing is quite common during high school which is fine, however when you do swear don’t every swear unnecessarly or when talking about someone! it makes you seem scary, irresponsible and immature.

If you are planning on flashing the top of your boxers that go around your hip, make sure there nice ones, not ones that your mom brought for you when you were eleven.

If your going to grow a beard do it it can look really nice on some boys and will make you seem mature however don’t leave a little goatee on the end of your chin, either grow one or don’t.

Use a nice aftershave– a boy that smells nice are the best. Soon people we be able to recognise you just by the scent you use.

Shower every day and make sure you have nice clear skin. I know spots are something you can not control but just put effort in to make the most of a bad situation. Having skin that is cared for is noticeable so invest some time into clearing up your skin. Acne is kind of off putting when you are trying a find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

And the most important factor that can make you attractive and mature is to treat people correctly.

I hope this has helped!!

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