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Blah. The Beginning

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I‘ve decided to begin blogging. I barely write unless I’m forced to, which i mainly blame on the fact that I solely believe the government are trying to drain all enticement, pleasure and attraction out of the English curriculum, which is a shame because i generally do enjoy writing when I’m not requested to write a report, article or complete a comprehension. I guess my dislike of school English lessons is just my incredibly biased opinion and partly due to the fact that my English lessons are the first thing in the morning, and lets just say, I’m not exactly a morning person. I mean who really enjoys waking up before the birds have began singing?

Therefore, in order to put the enjoyment back into writing I have decided to write this blog  which will not only allow me to gather other people’s opinions and feelings but also help other ordinary teenagers get through those okayish teenage days.

Who doesn’t have those days when the weekends left too hastily and abandoned us to face the upcoming week?  Those days involving draining battles with maturity and hormones, the tiring battle with parents and adults and the losing battles with exam preparation. They say time flies fast when you’re having fun, well it flies vigorously when you have exams to prepare for, thrust me i’ve learnt from experience! Ever have problems with friends, family or the process of becoming a young adult?

I don’t plan to write about what’s wrong with the world, or craft a piece of beautiful literature, i just want to open up and connect to other teenagers that are experiencing the same, unimportant dramas that most people wouldn’t even consider, however dramas that can affect ordinary teenagers drastically.

Bringing Light And Hope to those okayish teenage days.