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Quote of the week

‘Get busy living or get busy dying’ – Shawshank Redemption.

This quote illustrates the importance to achieve something in life, in having dreams and striving to achieve them. Otherwise what is the point?

So whatever you’re good at or have an interest in, make sure you work at it until you are the best: hard work and challengling yourself will help you achieve utter sucess


The Social Hierarchy of my Youth

My school social criteria- Mean girls


this picture isn’t exactly true but it did make me laugh!

Lets bisect my schools social ladder. Now I know this my sound a little bit harsh and judgemental and I don’t usually analyse peoples characters like this however, I really want you to see want my year is like and compare it to you own; I really want to know if it is just my year that consists of all the cocky people or if everyone’s school are sort of similar.

We have the popular Boys. The generally quite decent boys that are good looking and charming enough to have the prettiest of girls and still go for more then just looks. They are nice and don’t mind having to be partners with you when the teachers put you together. These are the also clever boys that gain all the top marks during mock week.

There are the normal girls, the sweet, moderately clever girls that don’t fancy everything that has a heartbeat. This is the group I would to consider me and my friends in.

The geeky girls who cant quite keep a conversation going as they are all so quiet and confined within their own little social group. Surprisingly these girls have more confidence behind a phone then in school, they pose for their ‘selfies’ like models however unfortunately don’t quite pull the look of; they are the girls that are still 5 years behind on society. Weirdly theses girls aren’t actually as clever as they look, most of them fail in their maths and English exams. I don’t actually know what they are doing?

I often hear about these girls talking about ‘never making the first move always waiting for the boy’ and someone I don’t know who, made a very harsh yet a little bit amusing joke. The nerdy girls said that you must ‘ wait for the boy to make the first move’ and someone else replied that ‘they would be waiting for a very long time’.

Sometimes when a girl on their table try a different hairstyle and someone says it looks nice, which it did, they suddenly think they are a Victoria secrets model and storm past you like you’re a peasant back in the middle ages gazing at you with that dirty looks. I’m just like WOW calm down; you hair looks nice you haven’t suddenly become a Cara Delavigne.

The creepy boys. The boys that really have nothing going for them, they are not clever, good looking, polite or nice to talk to, they are just there. These boy are the type that will announce to the whole class that they have just broke wind or spend forty five minutes picking at a spot. They think they are too good for the normal and nerdy girls, and think that the only person good enough for them is someone who looks like a Hollister model. When really they resemble the two hairy bikers, you must know what I mean.

Finally the worst off all: the Bimbos. The Here’s some background. I live on a nice street where nice people live, however unfortunately next to where I live there are a couple of unsightly council estates that contain some very rough characters. A couple of these characters attend my school and are in my year. Some of these people from the less fortunate areas are generally very nice and come from good homes, yet some are incredibly rude and cocky and quite frankly believe they are gods gift.

For example my year, of 72 pupils, is equally divided into two groups: the A half and the B half. The A half are for the more academic side of the year and the B half for the less academic. All the popular boys are all in my side of the year, the A half and all the bimbos are in the B. Now my problem with my school is for some unknown reason the bimbos, who are girls who aren’t clever nor pretty somehow believe they are automatically better then me. I was on my way to French and a girl with makeup like an umper-lumper with caterpillars on her eyebrows walked into my friend, who was turned around talking to another boy down the corridor. My friend all apologetic and embarrassed about not paying attention laughed and began picking up her book, which she dropped during the collision. Then the umper-lumper huffed ‘god’ as if she had just touched something sticky on the bottom of her shoe. My friend, which I should mention, only joined my school at the start of year nine and comes from a privileged background. She had been in private education for all her life apart from now when she signed up to joining my school. Whereas in comparison this girl comes from this rough, council estate and can barely count up to two. She’s that type of character in the classroom that will do anything to avoid class work and scowl at those who are. Acting like it’s a clever thing not to do your work and bad if you do. Why waste your time showing up for school if you cant is bothered to work? How’s that life choice going, failing all your GCSE and I’m sorry if I would like to gain a respectable education at the end of it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not an academic snob but I just cant bear it when people think their automatically better then someone else and are constantly looking down their nose at people. When they drop out of school with no education hopefully they will learn a bit of respect.Unfortunately, I have quite a lot of these cocky, ignorant people in my year and that’s just one table that makes up my year.

Watch the mean girls Social ladder!

As many of you may or maynot know, today is the day of the liberation of Auschwitz. 

I know this is still a very delicate and deep subject considering the people who lived through and survived Auschwitz still have the heartbreaking memories that will forever live with them, however today of all days we must confront what happened all those years ago and learn from our mistakes. Today should not just be a day of sadness and remorse for all those innocent people who lost their lives unjustifyingly, it should also be a day the world brought an end to the suffering of innocent people and finally allowed people to believe and feel want they desire.

I have only learnt briefly about these terrible events during my history lesson, from reading the Anne Frank book, visits with the school and from my nan and her brothers opinions, although at this time they were only young children. I asked her at the time what she thought about that situation and she said, when the news was unveiled for the very first time the world just stood horrified. My nan’s mother was very unwell at the time and as a naive 12 year old girl my nan would run errands to the shop with her 3 other brothers. When they got there they learnt the news that had already shook the world: She was stunned at the graphic pictures of ‘skeletons in pajamas clutching young children in their arms’, children that were the same age covered the newspaper. She then believed every german was evil. Her dad who had left to defend his country was a Sergeant in the British army and was one of the very first men who walked through the Auschwitz premises after it had been discovered by the Americans. When he return, she said, he never came back the same.

Millions of people suffered and died because they had their own beliefs and wanted different things. The troops that found the holocaust suffered due to the inhuman actions that had taken place there. Most people are not born cruel and evil, so we must not judge a nation on one person’s action. We have not left the horrors of the holocaust behind; we still have to contend with situations like this everyday, especially recently. You would think that we could have used this terrible experience to learn that we cannot force people to think the same as we do. Unfortunately we haven’t. While we are forever horrified by the events of the Holocaust and we know not to forget what happened, we also add, too quickly, “But that will never happen again.” It is too easy to consign the terror and cruelty of that time to the past and to other people, while at the same time dehumanizing some “other” in the world. When compassion reigns and dehumanization only belongs as a horror story in history books, only then can we say that the lessons have been learned.

Today we must remember and honor those who lost their lives.ulr