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this blog is to help ordinary teenagers get through those okayish teenage days.

I am a self made person. Yes, God doesn’t make this kind of mistake.

The stress of making mistakes!

Maturing and gaining an independent mind and not being governed by your views and opinions of your parents, often causing painful friction. Do this only happen to me?

I am a self made person. Yes, God doesn’t make this kind of mistake:-

Fact but proud. It is an evitably not to make one mistake in our lifetime and every individual person has their perfect imperfections. Anyone who never makes mistakes and always wants to be seen as perfect in everyone’s eyes are often incredibly dull people, to try and put that as nicely as possible! And without mistakes you will never learn, as my mom always reminds me. When people mess up and become vulnerable this allows others to see their true personality and allows them to fully understand someones character. 

Is having an independent mind okay, even if you don’t agree with the people you love??

However i have a mistake about myself that bothers me more than most, yet fortunately it is easily changeable and won’t affect who i am as a person. Honestly, this personal fault often causes many exasperating arguments between me and other close family members, and my imperfection is so stupid it haunts me everyday: i finally have my own mind. I’m currently at a stage where i can identify the mistakes of my parents which i originally didn’t notice; their opinions I supported are no-longer what I believe and i now do not agree. Its like a curtain has opened and revealed the world through my own eyes and I’m gradually becoming more independently minded,  than just believing every word that comes from my parents mouths. I support my opinion and they stay loyal to theirs and this can often cause painful conflicts that eventually could break the bonds between us, and this is what truly scared my the most. 

Unfortunately the disadvantage of speaking my own mind, confronting my parents and maturing from a vulnerable child into a young citizen is that my newly opinionated mind wants to be heard, which is often the trigger to the family arguments; which threatens our close relationship. Would anyone want to threaten the relationship of a close family member?

I also believe that school partially doesn’t help, as they only feed the fire of my knowledge which makes me believe i have the correct answer for everything, which sometimes is a very awkward situation when i’m proven wrong. Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you realised you statement for an argument is completely wrong and you have to try and hastily put an end to the conflict before anyone else realises?

I love my family and I don’t want to fall out with them. I am very well behaved for my parents and generally agree with everything they say, until now. So basically now what i’m desperately trying to achieve by the end of this month is to bite my tongue, (no matter how hard it may be) and learn that my answer is not always the best and not always right. i generally don’t argue with people outside of my family, only people in and i  guess this is because i feel most confident and at home with them; and this is mainly the reason why i need to learn to agree with my family members, in order not to hurt our relationship and learn that people are allowed to have unique opinions and speak their minds and no one can take that away from them.

Is it just me who can get into arguments over the silliest little things????

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10 Things Every Teenage Girl has Googled – Do You Agree??

As i am new to the world of blog writing i thought id write something abit different.

My friend was recently surfing the internet when she came across this:

Things Every Teenage Girl has Googled

i was wondering if you guess agree…

  1. How to tell if he likes you – this question is probably the most common one as we have all experienced those  moments when you can’t quite tell if a boy likes you and are a little unsure; dont worry its happened to every teenage girl. My main concern whenever a boy likes me is that it is possibly a prank and all the boys are involved in it joke; which i can assure is not the truth because generally the boys are not THAT mean. I also know the moms generally say ‘if he’s mean to you that means he likes you’. That was probably to case in primary school, as i experienced that myself in year 5 with a boy in my class, however now in senior school i’d probably say thats doesn’t apply anymore. If you tries to act polite around you, shows off or often gets embarrassed this could be signs that he might like you. Also if you talk often or text nice messengers and he is often the one to begin the conversation then he probably does like you:) Also check for eye contact because that is a big give away!
  2. How to get a fake ID – theres nothing really to say about this one
  3. Can you get arrested for using a fake ID – most often yes as it is illegal and you are underaged. Many clubs (particularly in college towns and near colleges, where fake ID users are most plentiful) have undercover officers. The police are trained to look for fake IDs so please dont try and use one.
  4. How to use a curling iron – I can guarantee most teenage girls have searched this one including myself. Its just so difficult to make to curls last longer than five minutes!
  5. How to do cat eye makeup – again one of those things everybody wants to be able to do but can’t quite get the hang of. I am actually getting better after watching all the amazing videos on youtube so they actually do help                  .
  6. How to lose a stone in a week without exercising – i really don’t agree with this one however it is recommended to keep a food diary, cut out all process food and fight all temptation, eat five small meals a day, learn about portion control and drink lots of water- which will not only help you lose weight but also help your skin look healthy. Something I also love is green tea which is also proven to help weight lose; this is because it contains caffeine which stimulates fat burning but also contains antitoxins which are generally really good for your body. i have at least one cup a day, i love it!
  7. What am i meant to shave? – ermm i think i’ll leave that one for you. Just remember to shave your legs before having PE lessons else it could be really humiliating. Embarrassing Moment!! This happened to my friend recently. We were having a PE lesson with the boys, which we don’t normally do, and my friend hadn’t shaved her legs because she needed to grow the hair out so it could be waxed. Now i don’t have a lot of hair and it is a very fair colour so you can’t see it however my friend is the complete opposite. She was so embarrassed that all the boys could see how hairy she was that she literally shaves her legs everyday! it was quite funny to be completely honest.
  8. Is Lindsay Lohan ok? – admit it, everyone worries for Lindsay Lohan. How can you not, she was one of the main characters in the best teenage girl film out there, Mean Girls. But i think at the moment she is doing ok.
  9. How do i know if i’m i love? – i think you would know. If you seriously can’t imagine life without them then you’re mostly likely in love.
  10. How to get rid of spots – i have actually researched this quite a lot as i like to take good care of my skin. i don’t have perfect skin but by drinking lots of water, changing pillow cases regularly, drinking green tea, using tea tree oil and not washing my face more than twice a day my skin has gradually gotten better.

How many of you guys agree with this list?

Have you ever searched any of these questions and never got the answer you need?

Share some of your embarrassing moments too!

Cat-Eyes-Tutorial                                           fake girlcurling_iron_option1

Blah. The Beginning

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I‘ve decided to begin blogging. I barely write unless I’m forced to, which i mainly blame on the fact that I solely believe the government are trying to drain all enticement, pleasure and attraction out of the English curriculum, which is a shame because i generally do enjoy writing when I’m not requested to write a report, article or complete a comprehension. I guess my dislike of school English lessons is just my incredibly biased opinion and partly due to the fact that my English lessons are the first thing in the morning, and lets just say, I’m not exactly a morning person. I mean who really enjoys waking up before the birds have began singing?

Therefore, in order to put the enjoyment back into writing I have decided to write this blog  which will not only allow me to gather other people’s opinions and feelings but also help other ordinary teenagers get through those okayish teenage days.

Who doesn’t have those days when the weekends left too hastily and abandoned us to face the upcoming week?  Those days involving draining battles with maturity and hormones, the tiring battle with parents and adults and the losing battles with exam preparation. They say time flies fast when you’re having fun, well it flies vigorously when you have exams to prepare for, thrust me i’ve learnt from experience! Ever have problems with friends, family or the process of becoming a young adult?

I don’t plan to write about what’s wrong with the world, or craft a piece of beautiful literature, i just want to open up and connect to other teenagers that are experiencing the same, unimportant dramas that most people wouldn’t even consider, however dramas that can affect ordinary teenagers drastically.

Bringing Light And Hope to those okayish teenage days.