I am a self made person. Yes, God doesn’t make this kind of mistake.

The stress of making mistakes!

Maturing and gaining an independent mind and not being governed by your views and opinions of your parents, often causing painful friction. Do this only happen to me?

I am a self made person. Yes, God doesn’t make this kind of mistake:-

Fact but proud. It is an evitably not to make one mistake in our lifetime and every individual person has their perfect imperfections. Anyone who never makes mistakes and always wants to be seen as perfect in everyone’s eyes are often incredibly dull people, to try and put that as nicely as possible! And without mistakes you will never learn, as my mom always reminds me. When people mess up and become vulnerable this allows others to see their true personality and allows them to fully understand someones character. 

Is having an independent mind okay, even if you don’t agree with the people you love??

However i have a mistake about myself that bothers me more than most, yet fortunately it is easily changeable and won’t affect who i am as a person. Honestly, this personal fault often causes many exasperating arguments between me and other close family members, and my imperfection is so stupid it haunts me everyday: i finally have my own mind. I’m currently at a stage where i can identify the mistakes of my parents which i originally didn’t notice; their opinions I supported are no-longer what I believe and i now do not agree. Its like a curtain has opened and revealed the world through my own eyes and I’m gradually becoming more independently minded,  than just believing every word that comes from my parents mouths. I support my opinion and they stay loyal to theirs and this can often cause painful conflicts that eventually could break the bonds between us, and this is what truly scared my the most. 

Unfortunately the disadvantage of speaking my own mind, confronting my parents and maturing from a vulnerable child into a young citizen is that my newly opinionated mind wants to be heard, which is often the trigger to the family arguments; which threatens our close relationship. Would anyone want to threaten the relationship of a close family member?

I also believe that school partially doesn’t help, as they only feed the fire of my knowledge which makes me believe i have the correct answer for everything, which sometimes is a very awkward situation when i’m proven wrong. Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you realised you statement for an argument is completely wrong and you have to try and hastily put an end to the conflict before anyone else realises?

I love my family and I don’t want to fall out with them. I am very well behaved for my parents and generally agree with everything they say, until now. So basically now what i’m desperately trying to achieve by the end of this month is to bite my tongue, (no matter how hard it may be) and learn that my answer is not always the best and not always right. i generally don’t argue with people outside of my family, only people in and i  guess this is because i feel most confident and at home with them; and this is mainly the reason why i need to learn to agree with my family members, in order not to hurt our relationship and learn that people are allowed to have unique opinions and speak their minds and no one can take that away from them.

Is it just me who can get into arguments over the silliest little things????

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